Join Lushinka from the Le Riche Naturals range of cosmetics for an interactive workshop where you will learn how to make and take home your own room spray and perfume oil along with a wealth of knowledge and notes.

You can expect to take out the following from this 3-hour workshop

  • Background to fragrance/perfume. The power and emotion of smell and how the brain reacts.
  • Thorough background of the diversity and blending properties of essential oils.
  • Basic information of carrier substances oil, beeswax and alcohol.
  • Guidelines on how to make up your own blends and the opportunity to make a room spray and perfume.
  • View and sample the full Le Riche Naturals range of cosmetics
  • A hand massage demonstration
  • The option to stay for lunch at the Grande Roche Hotel (after the workshop).

More about Le Riche Naturals

Lushinka Louw (neLe Riche) is the founder of the eco-luxury brand Le Riche Naturals. The brand was founded in London, UK in 2014 and subsequently brought to South Africa in 2015. An industrial engineer by training, her cosmetic formulation skills are mainly self-taught. She loves researching how perfumes were made in the previous century and merging classic thought with the latest technology in the field of natural, eco-friendly cosmetics. Although a scientist by nature, her creativity and passion for the subject is contagious. She enjoys unlocking the world of natural fragrances, inspiring people to find the creative song in their heart by making their own signature blends.

R950 per person. Maximum 15 participants.

More information and booking a seat packages@winelandvitamins.co.za

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